An elaboration.

by maddicook


I was born in March 1994, somewhere between Pope John Paul II’s demand for juristic discrimination of homosexuals and the release of Academy Award winning movie ‘Forest Gump’. My family moved from the Illawarra area when I was around seven to  a small town in the Shoalhaven called Berry. It’s there that I did most of my growing up – I dashed all too quickly through my years of innocence at Primary School, painfully crawled and grappled through my rebellious teenage years and have come to standstill at the entrance of ‘adulthood’. Seeing as I’ve still got one year left of being a ‘teen’ I’m not rushing through that door just yet.

I had always had my heart set on studying Journalism and during my Trial HSC that dream was confirmed as I was offered early entry to UOW, studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies. I accepted, and now here I am. I’m in the transition of moving to Wollongong, but traveling back home on weekends to save my mum from insanity. I don’t think she’s quite ready to let go, and to be honest I don’t really mind splitting my time. I love my home town, I love my family and I love the drive.

Every time I mention my ‘dream job’ to people they laugh, assuming I’m joking. I don’t joke about news ladies! Although I’d pleased with any job in the media, ranging from editing, to publishing, to writing – I’ve always promised myself that, if one day, I can get my foot in the door and have the option to take a job in presenting, I’ll take it. No matter the conditions. However, while saying that, I may finish my degree and find that presenting isn’t the right path for me, or perhaps I’ll stumble upon an editing job that I love, either way I don’t ever want to find myself doing something that I don’t enjoy or don’t feel passionate about.

I love to read, and I’m warning you now, please never tell me you ‘don’t like to read’, I can’t promise how I’ll react. I love to listen to music, and often pretend I can sing (although anyone that knows me will tell you that I definitely cannot!) I have a fetish for little notebooks, I can’t pass a leather notebook without buying it. I’ve also always had a passion for the media, I used to hum the ABC News theme song in the car from age 5. As I’ve gotten older that passion has grown into something a lot more than News intros. I know a lot of people my age who don’t have goals or ambitions, who don’t care about other countries and their problems, and who don’t see the sense in watching the news or keeping up with current events. I personally hope I never lose any of the passions I have now, I don’t really know who I’d be without them.