el final.

by maddicook

the end

(for now.)

I’ll confess that when I started this subject I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! Posting blogs, adding hyperlinks and inserting images & videos were completely foreign concepts to me. And, if I’m honest, I was dreading my first post. I didn’t know what was expected, I didn’t know how to stand out from the sea of BCM110 bloggers and I had a hard time finding my writing style. But coming to the end of this experience I am actually so grateful because I’ve loved it!

While blogging still isn’t my forte and I still wonder whether anything I write is being noticed, I’m proud of the small distance I’ve come. While my writing style has developed, my discussions have also evolved and progressed into focused explorations of the topics and my opinions about them. I feel a lot more confident with each post, and can cheerfully say, that although referencing seemed like a monster I would never concur, it is getting easier.

The (numerous) readings, in particular Hart (2011) and McKee (2005), have also helped me through these first few weeks. At times I may have found them drawn out, however when it came to writing my blog I could see the impact they had on the development of my ideas. I too realized that they helped me gather a greater understanding of the topics, as did the discussion in my tutorial. The comments others left on my blog and the comments I’ve made on blogs not only promoted discussion about the topics, but also gave me a greater insight into different interpretations of the topics and diverse opinions.

I’ll be the first to admit that my view on the media was very one-sided. However my understanding of the media has definitely changed and evolved during my time in BCM110. Whenever I’m watching a show or reading a book, I can’t help but think about the issues they rise in the public sphere and form my own opinion about it. I’m also a lot more aware about media ownership, and have even converted my ‘go to’ radio station to Triple J, and have been more aware of the information I post on my social networking sites due to privacy laws and surveillance. Although they are only small changes, there’s no doubt this subject has influenced my knowledge on the roles of the media and the control and impact they have on society.

All that I can say is now that I’m hooked watch out media, be ready to be scrutinized, and maybe if you’re lucky, praised at times.


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